Women & Whiskies: Whiskey 101 with Sara Rosales

Without Sara Rosales, there is no Radiator Whiskey. I loved Radiator the moment I walked in four years ago, but what kept me coming back was Sara. She is the cocktail queen, as well as an all around badass. I never liked whiskey cocktails until I met Sara and no one makes learning about whiskies as easy as Sara.

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Women & Whiskies is an organization focused on educating women about whiskey and hosting special tastings all over the country. They recently asked Sara to teach a Whiskey 101 class at Radiator, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to learn from the best.


A couple cocktails with an amazing charcuterie selection from Dot’s Butcher and Deli. Everything including andouille sausage, prosciutto, mortadella, pate, was seriously amazing. Going to have to check them out another time.




Sara went over the process of creating different types of whiskies and we tasted a select variety from Women and Whiskies.

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It was a fun evening sharing whiskey with some women in an industry that is largely dominated by men. I’m still no whiskey tasting pro, but it was fun to have an intimate event and learn a little more with some of my favorite people.

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