What Happened to Madame K’s?!?!?!

One day, I was walking along Ballard Avenue coming upon Madame K’s Pizza Bistro. Normally, the wafting scents of garlic, bread, and cheezy goodness would always cause me to look over and smile at the lingerie draped chairs. My favorite part was the sign that hung on the front door that said, “NO CELL PHONES AT THE DINNER TABLE”. Hallelujah! Sometimes, I would pause and peak in to see servers in sassy leggings and a multitude of feather boas hanging from a clothes rack, and think to myself: “Why haven’t I been here yet?”

So one day, I stopped in with a couple friends, unknowing that I would be completely swept off my feet. The place, it turns out, was formally a brothel (hence the lingerie and feather boas) back in the day. The place had so much character and history to it, I instantly loved it before I even opened the menu. As soon as I started reading the menu, I knew I was in for a treat. I’ve learned that some of my favorite places have quirky menus, and they always end up being delicious. We ordered the “Choke Your Artie Dip”, some chicken garlic pizza or some sort, and I ordered the Artichoke Lasagna…sensational wouldn’t justify how much of an impact this lasagna had on me. I’ve never had anything like it before. They say that the “Big O” occurs when eating it, and I would say that would be a great justification for it.

So needless to say, I was instantly in love. Great service, great food, great character, great atmosphere. The place was PERFECT for me. It reminded me of a place that would be straight out of New Orleans. Small and quirky. I didn’t feel like I was in Seattle anymore, I actually felt like I was transported to a different part of time and the country.

Back to my walk…one day when I was walking by, what smells I normally enjoyed, one day were not there. I turned to look at Madame K’s and felt my jaw literally drop. It was empty. Nothing but a For Lease sign. I immediately searched for a “We’ve moved to…” sign but was sadly disappointed. Nothing. not a trace. Nothing was left but the burgundy walls.

I vowed to find out what happened to the place…and several months later, here I am. Turns out, because I was so busy trying to hang onto summer, I missed the announcement that my beloved Madame K’s was closing Oct. 28, 2010.

I discovered Madame K’s far too late in the game (September 2010). I was lucky enough to try their AMAZING Artichoke Lasagna, but unfortunately unlucky enough to have missed out of their famous Chocolate Orgasm. 🙁 Check their amazing menu.

So WHY did Madame K’s close? She sold it. Just flat out sold it. 🙁 Why? Her “heart just wasn’t in it”…She did make a comment about how the Ballard community had changed since she started the business 10 years ago. Even though I wasn’t around 10 years ago, I would have to say I see her point. I’ve noticed in just the past year all my favorite stores in Ballard have closed down. Mr. Spot’s Chai House and the blown glass workshop that was next to it to be more specific.

One slightly positive thing came of this entry though, I learned there is a Lazy K’s pizzeria, where the owner is spending her energy. But it’s all the way in Carnation…maybe one day I’ll be able to try it. Although I think its western/cowboy themed…not as appealing.

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