They Draw and Cook

Sorry this is not a restuarant or food discovery, but my friend Graham introduced me to a wonderful new site that I had to share with other foodies. It’s called Basically, people combine art and recipes. Instead of writing out a boring old recipe, they illustrate it in some creative form. The art that comes from these cooks/artists is amazing! Submissions come from all over the world, and this stuff looks good enough to hang on a wall! I suggested compiling them and creating wall paper, because I am pretty sure if given the opportunity, I would totally wallpaper my kitchen with this stuff. Sometimes they don’t even tell you what the ingredients are or how much to put in, they just illustrate it. It’s beautiful. Graham is currently working on a submission with a friend, so I’m excited to see how that turns out. Check it out! Above is an example of a risotto recipe by Rosanna Gasparini from Venice.
They have a compilation book of this stuff that I really want. I’ll have to write about it later if I ever get my hands on a copy. 🙂

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