Taste of the Valley 2015

It’s not everyday you get asked to photograph your favorite restaurant in Seattle at a special event. I’m pretty sure if I could do this for the rest of my life, I would be the happiest. Taste of the Valley combines everything I love in one place.



Every year, The Snoqualmie Valley Preservation Alliance puts together an event called Taste of the Valley. Here you literally get to taste, what Snoqualmie valley has to offer, prepared by expert chefs. The partnering restaurants promote local producers and it’s a relatively low key evening with live music, food, and of course, an auction to raise money for the non-profit. This year’s event took place at Jubilee Farms in Carnation, WA.


IMG_8468 IMG_8466

Matt’s in the Market decided to showcase their deviled eggs. I love deviled eggs but I’ve never seen someone slurp them off the table before the way this guy did:

I think my favorite part of the event was actually watching the teamwork between Chef Shane and owner, Dan. Those two are tea peas in a pod, and yet so different at the same time. It was great to see their warm relationship and the way the effortlessly work together.

IMG_8486 IMG_8491


IMG_8573 IMG_8563 IMG_8557 IMG_8556

Ok enough deviled eggs…onto to the rest of the food!

IMG_8439 IMG_8441 IMG_8448 IMG_8462


IMG_8460 IMG_8457 IMG_8465

IMG_8495 IMG_8523 IMG_8530 IMG_8532 IMG_8534 IMG_8536 IMG_8544 IMG_8547 IMG_8551 IMG_8553 IMG_8595 IMG_8543


If I had taken better notes or wrote this in a timely manner I might be able to tell you more about what you’re looking at…but…apologies…the full time job gets in the way…Just means you’ll have to go to next year’s event!


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