Review: Ristorante Osteria del Parco

On the way to Aqualanga

Nestled in the beautiful valley of¬†Acqualagna…Ristorante Osteria del Parco offers a tasty eat for a great value. Acqualagna is know for their truffles and truffles tend to be pricey. But somehow the 6 of us made it out of the restaurant for 130 euros total. This included wine, two appetizers, three different pastas, a HUGE platter of steak, potatoes, and dessert!

Truffle least favorite dish...I love fritatas but this just wasn't doing it for me.

Truffle Crostini (Imagine Truffle biscuits and gravy....IT WAS HEAVEN)

A crazy collection of different pastas and truffle sauces.

Wine for the night

Crazy platter of steak

The atmosphere could’ve been better…it didn’t exactly remind me of warm Italian hospitatlity but it was clean and shiny. Something I’ve noticed Italians really like over here. They really like the white modern chic vibe, and even more so when it’s incorporated into an old building.

The service was prompt (something I tend to find a little rare here) and the food tasty.

Rating: ***.5

Via Mochi, 9, 61041 Acqualagna Pesaro e Urbino, Italy


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