Review: Mr. Gyro’s

This review comes ENTIRELY way too late. I keep thinking I will sit down and talk with the owners, but it seems every time I walk into this place, either I’m in a rush or there is a rush of customers.

But I love this place. Living a couple blocks away from the new Ballard location was a major perk when I moving. Not only is the food fresh, TASTY, fast and affordable – the brothers that own the place are SO NICE! They make you feel like you’re the most important customer they have, and make a genuine effort to see how your day is going. No matter how busy they are always smiling.

Mr. Gyros is basically what it sounds like. A place with gyros. They also have several greek platters, salads, baklava, and other amazingness. The photo above is of the falafel plate, which I always get and i NEVER finish eating the pita bread even though it’s tasty. Its about $8 or $9 and comes with salad, hummus, rice, falafel and pita bread! The original is located in Greenwood, which I was always a fan of. When I discovered one was opening up down the street from me I was stoked. My friend Jared happened to know one of the guys..I don’t remember how, but we swung by one day while they were getting the place ready for the grand opening and offered our help. One guy was very surprised and thanked us but said they were almost ready.

The other month, my friend Nikki and I went to go try that Golden Beetle place everyone has been raving about just a little further away and my friend and I left wishing we had just eaten at Mr. Gyro’s instead. In fact, we stopped by on the way home just to pick up some greek fries. lol. It wasn’t that the Golden Beetle was bad…in fact it was very tasty. I just left feeling hungry! It was a bit pricey for a casual dinner and I just didn’t feel totally satiated. You can read about our experience on Nikki’s blog here.

Speaking of being satiated…a great perk for the Ballard Mr. Gyros is that it is open late on Friday nights! At first I couldn’t for the life of me figure out which nights it was open late (till 2:30 a.m.). Because it seemed really random. But one day they placed a sign in the window. So now I know…screw the hot dog stand (but believe me I LOVE my Seattle hot dog stands), I’m getting something fresh and tasty at Mr. Gyros!

Anywho – go to Mr. Gyros. It’s affordable delicious food with great customer service. What more could you want? I recommend the plates, but be sure to order some greek fries. The feta is so creamy!

Rating: ****

20th Avenue Northwest

Seattle, Washington 98107

(206) 782-7777

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