Random Foods

A compilation of food I’ve made/tried over the past couple weeks. But nothing worth writing a while entry about. Random dinner at home. I didn’t have any yakisoba noodles so I tried making a stir fry with angel hair pasta. Sounds weird but it actually wasn’t too bad. The angel hair pasta was light and kind of just reminded me of a warm pasta salad. I just topped the noodles with smoked sausage, caramelized onions, green onions, and a sweet soy sauce. Oh and I made some corn with butter and green onions just because I had it laying around and it needed to be eaten!

This giant serving of bread pudding was definitely great to share. Found it at Paragon in Queen Anne. Jenn and Wes really like it. But I didn’t. I mean it wasn’t bad…it just wasn’t Matt’s…that place I swear has ruined bread pudding for me everywhere. I felt that the Paragon’s bread pudding could use more sauce. It wasn’t dry, I just wanted more caramel sauce. It was just a preference thing I suppose.

During a random impromptu road trip to Richland, WA – we stopped at Tagaris Winery. This is the vegetarian lasagna. In the background is the house red wine which was quite tasty. What was distinctive about this lasagna was the noodles. They were pretty thick and heavy – I wonder if they make them fresh there. The house Riesling was pretty exceptional. It tasted more like apple juice to me. 🙂

This prime rib dip sandwich from a place in Richland (sorry i can’t remember the name) sounded great but was a bit disappointing. I couldn’t tell if it was from the lack of sleep I got from the night before or laying in the sun all morning or the strange service we received (our server actually laughed when Rachel asked for coffee…not sure why) – but it was a strange overpriced experience. Sorry I am blanking on the name. When I figure it out I’ll write again.

I’m feel rather blah so instead of rambling I’m just going to stop now.

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