Random Foods

Things that are not worth writing an entire entry solely dedicated to one item. First off:

What do you do when you go to a ballgame? Remember the 90’s? Ahh..those were the days when I actually paid attention to the game. I love my Mariner’s but lately ball games have been reduced to talking and eating food with my friends, and only paying attention if we’re sitting in the foul zone. Normally my go-to items are Kettle Corn and Ivars clam chowder. But the other day, I discovered they have PULLED PORK NACHOS. MMMMMM…yeah it pretty much tastes as amazingly unhealthy as it looks. Pulled pork with BBQ sauce over chips with fake cheese sauce? Heck yes.

Next up: Bowl of Balls. Yup. That’s what it said on the menu. This is a bowl of balls from Rory’s in Edmonds. Located just off of Main Street a block up from the ferry terminal. Behold, meatballs in a creamy pesto with Parmesan. They were delish and I am definitely looking forward to recreating them. Maybe with some real meatballs. These ones kind of reminded me of the frozen ones from Costco.

This is what roasted duck looks like from Uwajimaya. I had a really bad craving for duck that day. That is all.

So my friend Ashley was house sitting for a couple with a rooftop deck in the Leschi neighborhood recently..if you’re not familiar, it’s basically ritzy. We decided we needed some catch up time so I made us a picnic dinner and we brought it to the house and ate on the roof watching the sun set looking out at Lake Washington. It was great. I wanted to note this event because I found this AMAZING picnic basket brand new at Goodwill for $10 a year ago and this was the first time I’ve ever used it. The silverware was still wrapped up in plastic! I have been waiting to take it out on some cute picnic date…That basically tells you how exciting my dating life is. My poor picnic basket went unused for a year! But I whipped up some bow tie pasta with a garlic basil rose sauce, veggies, and chicken. The wine in the house was old, so we kept with the sparking cider instead. Romantic indeed. 🙂


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