Next mission: Volunteering at a winery

Sorry I’ve been failing lately with the entries…I have a few updates I wanted to make but I failed at taking pictures…and without the pictures I don’t feel very motivated to write! I’m going to try to recreate some things I’ve had so when I do, I promise to take pictures and THEN write about them.

But in the meantime, as I’m sitting here on a beautiful summer evening (which I acknowledge should be having a bonfire or something…but I’m a bit burnt out this week), I decided I should write about my next mission.

I am dying to go on vacation abroad. The problem is that none of my friends can go with me for various reasons. Mostly nobody can get as much time off as I can, and when I am out, I want to be gone. I’m shooting for 3 weeks. Traveling alone doesn’t sound as scary to me as most people, but I think I would get bored. I don’t think I would have a hard time meeting people, but if I had to constantly meet people every day for 3 weeks I would probably get burnt out.

My friend Brandon and I started a conversation long ago about us running away to Italy to work on a farm. We heard that you could work for farms and get free room and board basically. But…being the responsible adults that we are…we just haven’t done it. In my quest to find something to do abroad I revisted this idea. In the process I learned you can volunteer on these farms for two or more weeks! Soo…that’s my mission. I’ve submitted a few applications to a few organizations. And the hope is that I can volunteer at a farm in Italy where I can learn about wine making and growing food! This reminds me of a time someone told me about their experience at farm camp. A place where culinary arts students spent a week learning how much work goes into producing food. It wasn’t all wine and roses though. As much as cheese making sounds, they also had to learn how to kill pigs and what not. Scary.

I’m hoping I don’t need to be skinning any animals. But I think that staying in a community of volunteer farmers in Italy sounds like a wonderful vacation. I definitely won’t be bored then!

As I was researching this, I also discovered you can volunteer for wineries in Washington. Why I never thought of this idea in the first place I have no idea. We are so lucky to have so many great wines produced in this state. And Woodinville, the closest winery mecca to me, would be a great place to start. The above picture was taken at a wine tour of Chateau St. Michelle.

So wish me luck in my endevour, hopefully I can make some things happen!

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