Morel Hunting – my first mushroom foraging adventure

When I’m not in the kitchen or stuffing myself at my Mom’s or some restaurant, I’m usually on a trail in the woods. I’ve been exceptionally lucky with the people who bring me on these grand adventures, and this past weekend we decided to combine my two favorite things: Outdoors and food.

The purpose of this weekend was to just get out, relax, do some great hiking, and hopefully finding some morels. Morels, I learned is a type of edible mushroom and May is a great time to go looking for them. Kevin said that they were specific the area we were planning on camping at (Teanaway River Valley) because the land there is drier. So our plan was to have good times and hopefully find some tasty mushrooms!

While we were heading up to a trailhead driving along a dirt road, Kevin somehow spotted a single morel mushroom on the side of the road. Not really sure how he did it, considering how small the little guy was, but we got out and decided to look. We found a couple more but not much.
Jess found one!
After a hike we stopped in a meadow to look for some more.
Most of us gave up and just took naps instead. 🙂

So we got back to camp and fried up what we had, which wasn’t much..
But the morel was surprsingly pretty dense. It had sort of a meaty taste to it but had a great flavor to it. YUMMY!

And since we’re on the topic of camp food, here’s a photo of some veggies I prepped for this trip. Squash, onions, bell peppers, zucchini, carrots, and potatoes! we roasted them in tin foil in the fire. YUMMY!

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