Review: Monte Freddo

I am pretty sure any weight I lost in Turkey was gained in the last 10 days in Vasto, especially after an epic meal at Monte Freddo.

This agriturismo B&B located in Abruzzo, Italy, about 45 minutes to an hour from Vasto, is any Italian meat eater’s dream. Located between the Adriatic sea and the mountains, it provides a great getaway from the coastal city life. I have to preface this entry, that I have officially decided that the quality of meat in Italy is not all that great when it comes to BBQ. While most of it has to do with preparation, I’ve had everything from overcooked dry steak to super rare, and actual raw meat. And I have to say, that for the most part I don’t like the BBQ meat in Italy. It doesn’t come across as tender or juicy as american meat. I’m not sure if ours is just fattier or what not, but I’ve become quite particular when it comes to ordering meat as a second piatte at the restaurants. But Giovanni and Daniele really wanted to try this place out, after hearing raving reviews from the landlord of the house we were renting.
I have to say, it was quite tasty for Italy and definitely a value meal. For 20 euros, I’m pretty sure we each ate enough food to last us the next day. Of course, the one thing I’m really looking forward to, I leave my memory card at home after processing earlier photos. So bare with my crappy phone photos.
Appetizers already had us full. We each got a platter of homemade meats and fresh cheeses from the farm. Ventricina, The notable item for me was the fresh ricotta, it was heavenly. Creamy yet light, so rich it was almost tasted buttery.
Complimenting the meat and cheese platter was some rice salad, crostini, foaccacia, pastries filled with meat and vegetables
The prima piatte was of course my favorite course. Three different pastas…Homemade torteloni stuffed with fresh ricotta with an AMAZING butter/sage sauce. Seriously…probably one of the best dishes I’ve eaten in Italy…The torteloni was about the size of the palm of my hand. It was incredible. I swear hte food looked much better than my crappy phone pics.
Then came the meat…roasted chicken, bbq lamb, stewed lamb, bbq beef skewers, and some roasted potatoes…because we didn’t have enough carbs already…..The stewed lamb was my favorite since it was slow cooked and the meat was really tender. The other bbq meat was surprisingly not as overcooked as how I am used to having italian BBQ.
Of course there was dessert. Which was either just disappointing or I had already eaten way too much and food didn’t sound or taste good anymore to me. An after dinner drink was offered but I couldn’t imagine putting anything else into me. It was just WAY too much food.
Overall, the service was perfect. Relaxed, attentive, and accurate. If anything it was worth the trip for the view and the amount of food you get. A definite highlight of the Italian food experiences I’ve had so far.
Rating: ***.5

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