Review: Mama’s Kitchen

Traveling through Asia has made me a little homesick for my mom’s food, and when I saw a small curtained shop that said “Mama’s Kitchen”, I walked right in without any hesitation. It seemed like a small ma and pa type shop, and I couldn’t have been more spot on. After months of eating out, all I wanted was a homecooked comforting meal. Now that I found myself in the Himalayas among a large Tibetan community, it only seemed to make sense to try the local cuisine. Mama;s kitchen was so good, I ate there everyday for lunch for the next 5 days. The woman and her husband, I never did quite catch their names are a lovely Tibetan couple that serve you quality food without the tourist prices.

Steamed momos made with whole wheat flour? YES PLEASE. I can’t even remember the last time I had something with whole wheat in it. The atmosphere is quaint and quiet (only 5 tables), but wonderful on either a warm sunny day or a rainy afternoon. Mama has something that will warm your soul without leaving you feeling like a sluggish grease bomb. Here are the items I managed to document:

Spinach momos – I also had the veggie and cheese momos another time. These momos are so fresh, they cut and cook the veggies when you order. The only whole wheat momos you’ll find in town! They take a bit of time…usually at least 15-20 minutes but are TOTALLY worth the wait. Add some soy sauce with chillies to dip, and you have yourself a great healthy starter or side dish to your meal! These are quite plump and heartier than most momos in town so beware, if you get this as a side, be share to share it with someone!

Potatoes with garlic and ginger – SOO good. Basically potatoes and veggies with a ginger, garlic, tomato sauce. Perfect way to fill your belly!

Tingmo – is basically Tibetan steamed bread. Since Mama’s is all about the healthy goodness, this dough is whole wheat as well. I’m not much of a fan of steamed bread, but this was a great healthy alternative for a snack!

Egg Thupka – Thupka is a common Tibetan noodle soup dish. Mama’s thupka is made using whole wheat pasta dough. There are delicious veggies in the broth and a cut up fried egg omellet tops it all off. This was the perfect dish to have after walking around in the cold all day!

Fried noodles with tofu – Not whole wheat, more similar to chow mien, but delicious just the same. Not as good as the other items on the menu but tasty if you want some fried noodles! I’d avoid the tofu and get something else though, the tofu quality wasn’t that great.

Mama even has some vegan chocolate cake! It’s the first time I’ve seen anything vegan in months so that was a nice surprise. However, vegan isn’t as popular as it is back in Seattle, so the cake doesn’t get eaten as fast. Not really sure how fresh it is considering it looked the same everyday I was there. But maybe worth a try. Definitely try the mint or lemon teas, they’re made with freshly brewed tea!

Rating: ****

Just a couple minutes from the “center” on Bhagsu Road next to Peace Coffee House

Check out a cool video I found featuring their restaurant! It cuts off in a weird place but still cool!

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