Foods of Home

After being away from the reason that made leaving so hard to begin with, reuniting with some of my closest friends has been WONDERFUL to say the least. It’s incredible how easy it was just to jump back into conversations with people (skyping and facebook make being away much easier).


The look on my mom’s face was HILARIOUS when I came home. She was busy cooking away with our family for our mother’s day feast, and when I popped around the corner, everyone except her saw me and started squealing. So when she saw me she started squealing and crying as well. It was so funny. I wish I had gotten a video of it but alas, I failed.

Our mother’s day feast was insane, and I have been feasting nearly everyday since. Eating all my favorite foods, catching up with friends, visiting the farmer’s markets…nothing makes me happier! Here’s what I’ve managed to capture in my first two weeks home (my DSLR is out of order):

First meal back: Sushi. I will never go that long without good sushi again…


Fish tacos, cheesy foaccia, and cinnamon rolls and savory croissants in the bag! I love farmer markets!

My mom’s home cooking!

Good beer.


Pike Place goodness

Oysters and a bourbon margarita! New treats at Radiator Whiskey (proper review coming soon)

Matt’s in the Market cobb salad with deviled eggs!

But have biscuits and gravy!



Nothin’ like a good bbq with good people!

Chicken curry soup with grilled cheese!


Street food! Elephant ears, corn dogs, and zuchinni sticks!

There is still so much I need to eat from my list…but..I should probably get a job if I want to keep eating like this!

And so far…I’ve only done one hike to work this off…

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