Birthday Sailing + Dinner + The Noble Fir

Two very special people in my life, Kevin and Jamie, have done more for me than I could ever say. They have enriched my soul, life, and general well being with their friendship in my life. Two avid sailors, Jamie and I had talked about going sailing for my birthday. It would only be the second time in my life, the first time I actually got up and did stuff out in the Puget Sound. It was a windy afternoon, but perfect sailing conditions. Little did I know that Jamie and Kevin surprised me with dinner on the boat!

Jamie made cocktails and appetizers on the boat for us! Smoked salmon and cream cheese on crackers with parsley. YUM!

It was too windy to make dinner on the boat while we were out…I later learned Jamie was planning on boiling water to make ravioli. So after we took a trip out, and I got some sailing experience, we came back in and Jamie and Kevin made me a wonderful ravioli dinner with pesto and tomatoes and grilled veggies! Yeah you should be jealous. I have AMAZING friends.

The finished product of dinner.

As is that wasn’t amazing enough, they saved a piece of their wedding cake (they had just gotten back from their honeymoon the week before) and turned it into a birthday for me and sang me happy birthday!!

After all that, we grabbed a beer at one of my favorite places, The Noble Fir. Located in the heart of Ballard on Ballard Avenue, I frequent this place with my friends to have some tasty beers and plan our next backpacking trip. The place has a mini travel library with maps and ptravel books to plan your next trip. The owners Rick and Ellen are SO nice. They know everyone by name and always look so happy. The Noble Fir specializes in deliciously crafted beers and fine wines and also serves some share able food plates. We were happy to be there. I am so glad I know these people.

Seriously, hands down one of the nicest/thoughtful outings I’ve ever been on, if not the best. I really can’t express how incredibly humbling it was to be treated so well. I love you guys. Thank you so much.

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